Substitution Rules

Last updated: 4-14-19
(Latest changes in blue.)

Regular Season Subbing Rules
  1. Substitutes can only be obtained from currently active players. Expeptions may be made if none are available from the active teams.
  2. Teams can substitute to replace any existing skaters on their roster. Some teams may have 11 skaters and others 10.
  3. For subbing purposes, players will be initially ranked by the team committee with a letter grade from "A" to "D". Players can only sub for other players with an equal or less ranking.
  4. No restrictions on goalie subs. (However, it would be sportsmanlike to find a similar goalie if possible.
  5. A few times a year players can be nominiated to have their sub ramking re-evaluated by the league.
  6. Suspended players can only be subbed by "D" rated players. (Will be phased out with rule #7 below.)
  7. (Effective summer 2019. Replaces #4 above.) Suspended players can be subbed for in compliance with rule #2. However they can only be replaced with a player with a lower sub ranking.
    1. A suspended "A" rated player can only be subbed with a "B" rated or lower player.
    2. A suspended "B" rated player can only be subbed with a "C" rated or lower player.
    3. A suspended "C" or "D" rated player can only be subbed with a "D" rated player.
  8. Players can not sub while on suspension.
  9. Players subbing must be announced to the other team before the game starts. Subs may not be added after the game starts. (This means that their name is on the score sheet.) If there is a dispute regarding the subbing player that can not be resolved then just play the game and let the commissioner know about it. He will then ridicule you in a group email about how you do not have common sense. If a rostered player shows up during the game then a sub must leave if the total player count exceeds the number of players in rule #2.
  10. Players can not share a sub slot. For instance player one plays for the first period and player two plays for the second and third.
Playoff Subbing Rules Same as the above with the following exceptions:
  1. The average and max ratings on the sub list will be used for a starting point for subbing skaters in the playoffs instead of the letter grade. Players subbing must have a max and avg rating less than or equal to the average rating of the player they are replacing.
  2. The sub list will be updated with the current season stats before the playoffs start. This will allow for any new players to be properly ranked.
  3. If your goalie can not make a playoff game then contact the commissioner. If he can replace the goalie with a goalie with similar talent from within the league then he will attempt to do that. Otherwise he will attempt to replace with a goalie of similar talent outside the league.