Holland Adult Hockey League - Holland, Michigan, USA

General Information
The Holland Adult Hockey League standings and web pages have been created and are maintained by Dave Goble. All information is obtained from the game's official score sheets provided by The Edge. All scoring and penalties are recorded by player number. If the score sheet contains incorrect information (players down under the wrong jersey number, multiple players with the same jersey number, etc.) then the resulting league stats will also be incorrect. It is the responsibility of the teams to ensure the game day roster on the official score sheets are accurate.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the 40+ and 50+ senior (MOTHERRS) leagues or the web site should be addressed to Dave Goble.  For the other adult hockey leagues please contact Chris Van Timmeren.  Click on the names to email.

Information Correction
If a jersey number or player name is incorrect on the player listings then feel free to email Dave Goble with the correction. There are also many jersey numbers where no name or only the last name is known.


Last updated: 04/28/14