League Rules

Last updated: 4-14-2019

  1. Admission to the league is based on the admission rules.
  2. Games consist of three 17 minute periods with a running clock. Stop clock will occur in the last three minutes of the game if the score differential is within three goals.
  3. Icing is allowed after passing your own blue line.
  4. Minor penalties are three minutes.
  5. Substitutions can be made as long as the follow the substitution rules.
  6. Any major penalty or misconduct will result in a review by the penalty review committee. Severe actions could result in discipline ranging from multiple game suspensions up to the removal from the league.
  7. If you feel an action warrants review where a major penalty or misconduct was not issued then please contact the commissioner.
  8. If a player commits three penalties in one game then the player is out for the rest of the game. They may play the next game as long as none of the three penalties were a major or misconduct.
  9. The league will often move players from team to team in the attempt to balance the teams. This will usually occur before the second half of the regular season starts but could occur any time up to the roster freeze mark in the season. (See #11 & #12 below).
  10. 50+ Only: Starting in the fall of 2015 a player will only be allowed to score a maximum of three goals once in a game per season. Once a three goal game is obtained then the player is limited to a maximum of two goals per game (including playoffs) for the remainder of the season.  Each goal scored over the goal limit by a player will be disallowed and considered an icing call.  This will result in a faceoff on the other side of the rink (scorer’s defensive zone).
  11. If a player is not able to complete a season and they want to drop out of the league, for whatever reason, and the player notifies the league before the 75% mark of the regular season, the league will attempt to replace the player and recoup the remainder of the unused ice fee. The new player may or not be placed on the team losing a player. Players from other teams may be moved to adjust for the new player and the new player may be placed on another team. This may be due to the talent difference between the player leaving and the new player and/or it may be an opportunity for the league to do some balancing between teams in the league.
  12. No roster moves will be made after the 75% mark of the regular season. Team rosters will be froze. Any players unable to play after the 75% mark can possibly be subbed using the existing subbing rules.